What is Enlightenment?

When you STRIVE to reach enlightenment, you are still lost in a state of confusion, frustration, and fear. You find yourself feeling depressed and hopeless the more you become aware of the scope of corruption and disillusionment in this junkyard world we perceive as reality. However, the journey to truth is not supposed to be an easy one. You will suffer a lot and find yourself disconnected from the majority. Most give up along the way, but this is only part of the test. However, when it becomes crystal clear that your intention to find truth is very STRONG and genuine -- to the degree of a wholehearted obsession, your heart will give you the fuel to keep going until you get close to the finish line. Your heart acts like a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe. Once the universe receives your signal, it will join in to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together -- and give you access to see the world with five eyes instead of two. This is the state of true enlightenment, when you can see the world in its true multidimensionality and decode the language of light with your heart.

Being enlightened will not happen to you if you choose to use your left eye/brain instead of your right. Again, it is your heart that decodes everything. A closed heart will understand nothing -- no matter what you call yourself. And once you reach TRUE enlightenment, you can see the world through the eyes of the highest divine spirit (GOD --whatever he/she/it is to YOU). When you reach that state, all your fears quickly dissolve because you suddenly become the big guy looking down and around at all the ants. You see through everything -- even the Great Deception. Then the feelings you had while seeking Truth dissolve into a calm peace. And instead of fearing death, you suddenly find yourself welcoming it. Somewhere inside your heart, you know you have surpassed the ultimate test that still awaits the masses still sleeping and living aimlessly through the illusion of the 3rd density. When it is your time to be taken, you will go in peace, and with the blessings of the universe you will be allowed to move onto the 4th density. People feel lost and fear death because instinctively they know they are NOT READY to leave this plane. These feelings of confusion, fear of the unknown, and the most common -- feeling broken all the time, are typically found in all people who have not yet found what they are supposed to discover within themselves and outside themselves in this lifetime, which is ultimately our purpose -- to seek TRUTH. Once you get super close to truth, all these negative feelings disappear.

Nobody fully finds TRUTH. And there is no way for someone to discover everything there is to know. Yet striving to uncover the multidimensionalism of ourselves and the universe is the true key of life. Once you see how you as a tiny atom fit into the large scheme of transdimensional existence, you unlock the key that opens the door for you into a higher density. It can take several lifetimes to achieve this, and this is why some of you feel like you've been here before. We are sent to this "hell" to learn what we have failed to learn before. The "hell" that exists in your religious books is right here. The Creator is compassionate, forgiving, and merciful. Why would he burn his own child? Even a mother who has a kid who spits on her and neglects her, does not have the heart to light a match on her own blood. It is normal for any parent to feel hurt, guilty and regretful after harming his/her own child when they are forced to punish them. So why would the Creator be any different?

The illusion of a hell was created by the fallen angels to do three things:
  1. To instill you with a crippling fear.
  2. To limit your scope of our greater existence (parallel realities, the universe within yourself, and universes within universes).
  3. To keep you from seeking additional truths.
If everyone sought out TRUTH, then slowly people will discover how we are all ONE with all living things, and they will encourage others to stop wasting time on all things irrelevant so that they may also fulfill this purpose. One who discovers TRUTH becomes aware of the additional densities/levels a soul may reach. They also discover that when we harm one leg of the world, the entire body of the world feels the pain. When you unlock one truth, another immediately arrives behind it in accordance to a divine sequence. Loving and serving others is the fastest way to move you up higher in the chain of existence. If everyone became obsessed with moving up, then there would be no more people to fight the wars of the corrupt selfish demons that have divided and plundered the earth and all of humanity. The words in all our holy books have been changed to their benefit -- not to benefit the people. LOVE is their enemy, but HATRED and DIVISION are their friends.

Do not trust any man to interpret the messages of the Creator, but trust yourself to go out and interpret his truths yourself. You discover copies of his messages in all religions. They are the positive ones that surround the heart and speak of only LOVE: forgiveness, selflessness, kindness to others, giving, being gracious and humble. However, you will also find added untruths to disguise all religions from your own -- and the one next to it. These are intentional measures to divide the Creator's children. But always remember, no parent likes to his/her children divided. This is why it is important to use your heart (your conscience) when sorting through what's true and untrue. Peace to you, family. x 777 -- Suzy Kassem

(c) Suzy Kassem, Taken from "Rise Up and Salute the Sun" 2010-2011, Awakened Press.
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