Change Is Not Easy

suzy kassem

I hate seeing people suffer. I hate seeing people trapped in the webs and leashes of our corrupt systems. I hate being a slave to the dollar, a job, a super possessive boyfriend, bad habits, or controlling parents. Release yourselves starting today.

Anything you want to do, go out and start doing it. Anywhere you want to be, take the necessary steps to get there. Change is hard and excuses are plenty. Yet doubt and fear kill more dreams than failure ever will. I've always felt trapped for most of my life until this year - when I let everything go and just took off without knowing what my next step was going to be or how I was going to do it. It was scary at first, but my new mindset kept me from falling. Why? Because faith gave me wings. I initiated the flight and my heart knew where I wanted to go. I hated my life and I knew the people around me were keeping me chained down so I wouldn't succeed and rise without them. All it took was changing my perspective and believing that nothing could be worse than the hamster cycle I was stuck in.

Since I released myself from my poisonous life, I'm more free, focused and determined now to really pursue my dreams. It's hard getting out of a lease, selling your car and changing your whole routine, but as a I mentioned before -- change is usually forced upon us when we least expect it. Typically, it comes via an unforeseeable event that we have no control over. So why wait to change only when something bad happens? Change your life now. The definition of a bad event could also mean a premature death.

It's better not to wait until we have enough money to reduce the weight of our obligations, to make change happen. It is a known fact in the law of economics that humans have unlimited demands. It is wiser to need less to live a better quality of life.  Material wealth does not make a person happy or mean that one's life is one of great quality. I know people living with fewer flashy gadgets who are happier than those with pricey cars and hefty home mortgages. They travel more and have a better social life. They do not burden themselves with debt or limit themselves to two week vacations. Some have started their own businesses to have more freedom, or have moved abroad to gain competitive advantage in a foreign job market where the demand for people who can speak English puts them in a desirable league above the rest. All it took for them to initiate change was the willpower to break free from an old cycle in hot pursuit of something newer and better. If you can conceive a plan in your mind, believe it with all your heart and you will achieve it.

When you are not internally happy, your body grieves and sickness - mental and physical - come with it. Don't wait until you are forced to change, do it right now. Hate where you are living? Move. Hate your job? Change it even if you get paid less. Is your current relationship making you miserable? Just let go. Someone else will come around to love them like they deserve and another more compatible soul will be around to hold your hand. Relationships are meant to lift you up not hold you down.

Never settle for an unhappy life. When life becomes too predictable, it's time for spontaneity. Not knowing what is going to happen or who you will meet tomorrow -- makes life interesting and really worth living. Being afraid to change because of the fear that you will not find security tomorrow, or that you will no longer have control over your tomorrows,  pretty much means that you are already dead.

Suzy Kassem