Heart Over Mind

I am going to share a little secret with some of you that will make you see yourselves and the world differently. This is my New Years gift to all of you.

For every 1000 people, only 7 of them are truly 'awake'. Most people believe that illumination comes from the mind, and they believe this simply because they see paintings and pictures of saints, sages, and even Jesus with bright halos around or above their heads. People also assume that just because they are aware of all the distortions in the world - that they are awake. This is not true. Staying informed does not mean you are elevated -- only educated. There is a difference.

To be awake means your heart is activated. Your heart is everything, not your mind. Your mind is simply there to reason with your heart. There is a crystal embedded in a fold in each of your hearts that triggers a magnetic field that extends out to your brain -- which also has a tiny crystal embedded in each of your pineal glands. Your heart is what tells your mind what to do -- OR SHOULD. Now how can you tell who is truly "awake" and who is fake?

Very easy. Like I said a thousand times before, the light of love sees no walls. Those that are truly awake and have activated their hearts see no division or barriers amongst others. They are usually the folks that approach you without fear, they interact with others freely and openly. They are very childlike and you can feel their hearts through their actions and reactions. Just because someone reads books on Buddhism, paints images of divine souls or revolutionary art - does not mean they are "activated". Many of these people are 'surface' but no 'substance' - and I know very well who they are. Their actions, personalities, and demeanor are not those of elevated souls - only trendy impersonators that have yet to awaken. The heart is what elevates a person, not the mind. He who acts and shares with LOVE is AWAKE. Again, for every 1000, there are only 7.

Pay attention. When the world shifts its focus on heart over mind, we will finally experience a beautiful global village for our children. He who speaks and acts through his heart, is truly tapped into the cosmic heart of the universe. Truth is in the heart, not the mind. He who needs his mind to understand everything, is not elevated. He has yet a very long way to go.

-- Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther 777

Excerpt taken from my book: Rise Up and Salute the Sun - The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Suzy Kassem heart over mind.