The "A" Resonance

I'm beginning to see a 1000 truths revealed just by watching Sufi dancers. There is a sacred communion going on between the dancer, his spiral motions, and the cosmos. Movements are geometrical, transcending, sedating...and when the dancer turns and turns, its like they're sharing mind waves with an open portal in the universe.

I've been studying 'whirling dervishes' in different countries, and found that both Egyptian and Indian Sufis vibrated the "A" resonance in all their chants. The "A" resonance is the vibration of divinity, and all light messengers of all religions had the A resonance, or AH/LIGHT, in their names. I also found that many praise songs from all cultures also project the same AH sound repeatedly and harmonically whenever they speak of light - or sing to it == regardless of religion.

Check out this video ALL THE WAY THROUGH. The resonance kicks in at 1:26. This video is an example of the harmonic harvestation of the "A" or AH vibration. You don't even have to understand the words because the tones communicate to your brain on their own. The overall musical effect acts like aural MSG. Some rare artists already have this tone naturally in their voices -- like Bob Marley. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones harmonized all their tracks to the A key.

Imagine if we could amplify the "AH" vibration throughout the world at the same time? Surely, it would open up a doorway to heaven. It is the tongue of angels.

- Suzy Kassem (11/11/2010)