The Middle Way

Extremism in ANY religion is forbidden. Why? Because when a man becomes so obsessed with a woman to the point where he can't think of anything else, he becomes blind to REASON! This is why all religions speak of something called the Middle Way.

This simply means, keep religion in your heart and let it show only through your good actions. However, do not wear your religion on your head and wave
it around like a sword. The Middle Way is balancing reason with your conscience. Do not allow religion to consume you and blind you to the degree that you will defend words you don't even practice, and defend actions that are not truly supported by your religion. Instead observe religion in moderation. You will enjoy a good soup better when you take your time to digest its delicious flavor, rather than force it all down without really tasting anything. If everybody did this, and really took the time to understand the words in their holy books, then they would know that their religion forbids extremism of any kind -- because they will be very well-read. Put forth what you each have learned from your religions in your everyday life (in your words and actions), but do not defend extremism of any kind without really knowing what your religion truly stands for...or is against! All religions speak of kindness and love. Remember the Golden Rule, and you will be always be at the top of your spiritual school.

Khnumt-Maat Maatkare,

-- Suzy Kassem aka Sitaten Khaemmaat
Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.