How to Trigger the Ultimate Vibe

The power of music, the power of vibrations, the A key, the harmonic chord  

The "A" Key


Many people are not aware of how much sound has an effect on our moods, state of mind, and the overall human condition. Music is creative energy. Creative energy is LOVE. When creative energy climaxes, it creates what is known as a VIBE. Yet music nowadays lacks a true vibe current. Instead of truly exciting the heart, music nowadays makes you irritated, moody, and indifferent. The same distorted frequencies being amplified to us through our TVs is also coming at us through our radios AND the tracks they play. This is the part of "programming" that people do not understand. THEY are the ones being programmed. Nonsense music that thrives and excites a community says a lot about the society that allows it to make it to the top of the charts. And music that is not made creatively using the love current, yet manufactured quickly to make a deadline -- eventually dilutes the quality and standards of real music...and the synergy it is designed to create.

SO how do we fix the current situation of MUSIC? Simple, for one year or more, I encourage all the recording artists/producers/musicmakers out there to configure all the tracks in their songs to harmonize with the A key. If you all did this, the vibe you all enjoyed so much in the 80s will return. The more you are of this remedy and see it in action, the more you will use it to create a rewarding response. More people will have love in them than hatred. Hearts and minds will become more activated and communities will grow and blossom. Yes, the positive effects of harmony are real. The more you amp up the A key, the more you will pump LOVE into the air. You will not know this as the truth until you all try it. So, for the sake of humanity...give it a spin. Trust me. It will be like spreading MSG all over your music. The A key is the TRUE key in triggering the magnetic vibration and spiritual threshold we ultimately NEED. It will unite people and instigate harmony, serenity, LOVE, and peace. -- Suzy Kassem

Originally written and copyrighted in the collection, The Writings of Blue Panther 777. 
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