Make Time to Rest

Bats, rats, and bears hibernate during the winter. A farmer moves all his tractors and farm equipment back into his barn because he knows that he won't have to deal with crops sprouting during the winter. And the Creator designed SNOW so that every man can rest during the winter. This was intended for people to stay inside and relax with their families for several months in every year. And for those people living in hot climates with deserts, God designed a season of heavy rain cool air with harsh winds to keep people inside. WHY ALL THIS? So man can rest, just as God allows the trees to rejuvenate themselves and remain dormant during the cold seasons. Flowers hibernate. Fish hibernate. Butterflies hibernate. Mice, snakes, turtles, and even wasps HIBERNATE. Just as we were meant to do too.

Now, for those of you who truly believe that a 2-week vacation is a generous GIFT from your employers, you are all wrong. A 2-week vacation is only a slave driver's idea of a rest period, not God's. Why? Because in this capitalistic society, your employer is paying his slaves money to WORK and make him money, not for them to be happy and relaxed as God had intended them to be. Every man must work to make a living, yes, but working is not supposed to take up more than 50% of your living. And when your employers allow you to retire, you will already be too tired to start your living. Does that sound logical to you? NO IT DOES NOT! The idea that "TIME IS MONEY" is only a slave master's ideology. How so? In your last days, you will realize that one minute of time is worth more than all the money in the world. Yet, when you do finally realize this, no amount of money can bring you back all the time you had already wasted! TIME IS NOT MONEY. No amount of money is more valuable than time! -- Suzy Kassem