Heavens On Earth

There are many heavens on earth, but many people don't bother seeking them out. There are many cultures that believe true paradise only exists in the afterlife. Paradise to the majority is something they catch a glimpse of in travel brochures or holy books. However, there are heavens upon heavens around us waiting for us to enjoy them. You should not be restricted, or restrict yourself, to seek them out - either financially, mentally, or physically. These are places you could live, grow, and find your own peace in the world. There is no reason you should restrict yourself to a small area of the world when there is a plethora of worlds within worlds far superior in breadth or depth to the one you currently inhabit. There are areas in the world where your energies are more synchronized in harmony, or climax off the charts, more than other parts in the world. If you've been feeling out of synch no matter what you do, it could be your location. Why restrict your soul like a bird in a cage? There are places where it could fly -- and there are places that will make it cry. Only you are to blame for setting limitations. You should always be in control of your settings. Paradise has always been readily available and attainable to any man. We have blinded ourselves with limitations....and two week vacations.
-- Suzy Kassem