The Noble Word

suzy kassem
In the present, the power of a WORD is carelessly being underestimated. There was once a time when WORDS made men real MEN. A man that does not keep his word cannot be estimated. Remember that. These men are of no value to the home-front or on a global scale.

How so?

A man that does not keep his word, keeps other things from you. A man that does not value his words, stands for nothing, and in no way adds value to the world. Without words meaning anything, we stop meaning anything. It's getting to the point where nobody means what they say or says what they really mean. To bring back Truth, we have to start speaking Truth. The world is collapsing because Truth is leaving us -- from personal domestic units to entire governing bodies. If we allow lies to be built on our foundations, all empires will collapse. We are going to collapse. It's time for everybody to start being truthful at all times. It is the only way we will win. - Suzy Kassem