The Indian Roller

suzy kassemThe Indian Roller is a very exquisite bird found in India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. It's also known as the national bird of India due to its common frequency, and a sighting of the bird is considered a sign of good luck. The Indian Roller is also known as the neelkanth or blue throat after Shiva, 'the Pure One" or "the One", whose throat became blue after drinking poison. And for that reason, they are considered creatures of divine supremacy and are very sacred amongst the Hindus.

Rollers feed primarily on frogs, are very strong in flight, and are so fearless that they will dive at humans and other intruders for invading their territories. They live up to 17 years and die early only if eaten by pythons or hunted by idiots. This is one unbelievably beautiful bird.

The smaller the creature, the bolder its spirit.

Suzy Kassem