Definition of a Hipster

The word hipster was originally used for the true freaks of the western new world renaissance like the Kerouac cats, Lenny Bruce, Basquait, Cat Stevens, Arthur Miller, Eames, Bruce Lee, James Dean, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and Gloria Steinem. They were visionaries. They invented things, new ideas, trends, styles, or attitudes that later became HIP. They were nonconformists, not sheep. So when I say HIPSTER, I mean the true hipster, not someone who simply shops at Urban Outfitters, or a thrift store, and thinks that automatically makes them "hip". Hip to what exactly? The going uniforms? Hipsters actually consist of a super teeny minority that you could fit into a garage. They are the people who turn fields and change them. They are the trendsetters that pave new ways, not follow the packs. THAT is the true definition of HIPSTER.  - Suzy Kassem