What Would God Do?


All across the American heartland, it used to be very common to see those letters emblazoned on bumper stickers on the back of cars everywhere or stuck on the doors and windows of storefronts.

What does it mean? It means - What Would Jesus Do? Yet in the last two decades, I have not seen those letters anywhere at all. Somehow, they've been wiped out of the human software along with our conscience. Maybe that's why we have been lost for so long. Maybe that's why we've been at the forefront of so many wars: racial, sexual, religious, economical, political and territorial.

The Midwest is America's heartland, where I grew up. It is also the region of this great country that has always been recognized for its strong values. So let's switch the program and get back on making values a priority, not superficiality or ignorance. And it really does not matter if you believe in Jesus or not, for Jesus only represents the conscience residing inside in the human heart. To make America truly great again, we need need to turn the light on again, and ask ourselves and each other daily when we are confronted with moral decisions that personally affect us, our relationships, our community, or the country:


That is how to make America - and the entire world - truly great again. And if you really want to know what God thinks of any situation happening anywhere on earth today, think like a parent.

Let no leader, no authority, no herd mentality or any fear ever turn you away from your conscience or your ultimate parent - The One and Only Supreme God - The Creator of humanity, kindness, unconditional love and relentless fountains of forgiveness.

Suzy Kassem