How to Battle the Armies of Darkness

At some point in your life or career, you will encounter an army of darkness. Their mission is to discredit you, break you, divert you from your path, isolate you, drain you of your life force, force you to abandon your quest for truth, and prevent you from achieving your life's true purpose.

What do you do about it?

Ignore them and all their tactics. Do not become an active player in their mind games. They feed on fear and negative emotions, namely negative reactions. Remove all fear from your system and instead radiate kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, and CHARITY. These are the virtues that are toxic to them. They grow in power from anger, fear, anxiety and frustration. You are dealing with parasites of the mind and soul -- to control you. If you remain positive and calm, their gimmicks will have no effect on you. Just try it. Shut out their noise.

Turn off all technology and turn on nature. Seek inner joy and happiness. Never let a day go by without prayers of gratitude. Seek forgiveness from God and forgive THEM. Surround yourself with unconditional love and keep your faith strong. This is how you WIN.

The God consciousness is already here. Nobody can stop the floodgates of the Age of Aquarius from spreading its waves of light to all of humanity. The ocean of compassion and love is already radiating from within and around the earth from the cosmic heart of the universe. No magic, no military force, no chemicals or radiation, and no technology or any entity whatsoever can counter it.

So, ignore all the noise and rejoice. Amplify COMPASSION. That is the answer. Focus on your blessings, not their illusions. Think and see with the eyes of God and re-awaken your inner god. Nothing will repel the armies of the devil faster than positive thoughts.

To be attacked by the devil is more honorable than to attack for the devil.


Suzy Kassem