All My Words Are Free to All of Humanity - Nobody Has Permission to Ever Sell My Work


Gratitude, faith, kindness, humility, and good deeds.
You cannot be a servant of God without
All five of these.
You cannot have true faith without gratitude, humility, kindness, and good deeds.
You cannot show real humility without gratitude, faith, kindness and good deeds.
You cannot spread sincere kindness without gratitude, faith, humility and good deeds.
And, you cannot do truly good works that really count --
Without gratitude, kindness, faith, forgiveness, and humility.

Humility. Truthfulness. These are the three marks of an honorable human being. – Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2018, Suzy Kassem. All Rights Reserved.


There shall be no further sales of my book or any of my writings (poetry, quotes, essays, or stories).
Nobody has permission or my consent to sell any of my work.
Nobody has permission or my consent to sell translations of my work.
Nobody shall ever own the rights to any of my work; for they belong to all of humanity.
No phrases of mine may be paraphrased or copied and/or attributed to another writer. This is still infringement. Please report all instances where you see infringement at:

Anybody can share my work without payment, so long as they do not remove my name from my words or try to sell them. Collections of my work cannot be sold alone. However, my phrases and poetry may be put in collections with the work of others -- so long as my share for compensation, the fee that is given to other writers for their permission to use their work, is given to the poor. No book may be produced with only my work for sale. I do not want my work to be sold under any conditions. 

I am contributing my work to the public domain only under the above conditions
*No sales.
*No profit to be gained from my work.
* Nobody is entitled to the rights of my work under any conditions. The rights to my work are already owned by my family members (in America and Egypt) for the next 400+ years.
*There shall never be a transfer of rights.
*My work is free to share.
* All my work is original.

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