The Real Magic of the Holidays


I don't know what to do or think about any of these hallmark holidays anymore. I see them all as rituals. Evil ones. To celebrate and glorify capitalism and/or the devil. For example, what is Halloween? I will tell you. A celebration of evil magic. Do you not remember the plagues of Egypt and how doors were stained with blood to appease evil spirits from taking firstborns? Okay. So now the ritual is to dress up as spirits of all kinds to go ask for tricks or treats as tributes to evil. Cut yourself to drip blood as a contract for your soul or offer your firstborn to appease a demon. Most people then offered their firstborns. That's the true story. They threw their children in the fire to the big wooden Idol. 

And what about Christmas? I didn't know Jesus was born in the winter. I'm pretty positive all holy books pointed to when Sirius surfaced in the spring. The blue star. But I understand how a shopping season could be capitalized on in the name of giving thanks while celebrating the death and blood of Christ. He would be very happy to learn that having a heart of blackness is the new fashion nowadays. And that everyone remembers him, not through kindness as he would be kind, but by smacking people in the face to buy a discounted phone at Walmart as a present. So the reason for this season was never about BEING KIND or truly gracious for anything -- but to BUY. The only true real holiday is Easter, and that goes back to ancient times when Christ/Tutankhamun/Krishna/ Horus/ Son of Nun was truly born. The sun of many reflections. The one with many names.

And what about Thanksgiving? Imagine what could be uttered and accomplished by evil over the sacrifice of millions of birds on the same day. Is that not a ritual? Now imagine WAR. Isn't a battleground also a playground for magic? A dance of blood, fire and sacrifice? Yes, ma'am. We live in a world of sorcerers and witchcraft. Where they give you religion and television, while they go out and play magicians. Now go sacrifice and fire up that chicken. -- Suzy Kassem