Rise Up and Salute the Sun -- 7 Years of Censorship in America

Poetry Suzy Kassem 2010

Tell me something.

In a country that annihilates other countries under the guise of spreading freedom, how is it that America has become the number one country for the censorship of writers? And did you know, that even has the highest number of government requests to censor people on Google?

And how is it, that a writer can be on walls all over the world, and at the heart of so many trends and movements for years, yet not a single word is mentioned about them in western media (outside of BBC/UK)? Is true popularity and influence dictated by an Instagram or Twitter page -- or the global streets? And isn't it easy these days for anybody to hire a publicist and buy followers?

Where are the true intellectual culturati and sophisticated tastemakers, why are they hiding, and is wisdom really dead in America? What is this censorship really about?

For me to speak confidently like this means only one thing, I know my influence and TRUE WORTH. I see it everywhere. The star poets the New York Times embraces today paraphrase all MY poetry. Go see for yourselves. I have been keeping records strictly for the purpose of publishing a book on paraphrasing and copyright infringement in the digital age. So, they will all be burned. Truth does not sit in a cave and hide like a lie, it roars proudly like a lion. By now, many of you should recognize my celestial language and knack for analogies. And also, many of you should also recognize that I have dedicated my whole life to amplifying truths and seeking truth. Therefore, it is natural that you will not find me where there is no truth, and to expose all those who dared to stand on it. 

So I was wondering about something else, and would like to invite your opinion. Why do you think many international artists always paint me with tape or a handkerchief over my mouth? And what do you think they are insinuating by such imagery? And when they show up on walls in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa -- how do you think that reflects on America, a country that votes for Donald Trump and gives the Kardashians more media time than anyone running for president? And when people who recite my words outside of this country see my visibility on the streets, in reputable colleges, and cited somewhere in the world every minute -- but then see me yanked from Wikipedia after the removal of many articles and links about me by editors who bully and remove social change agents, do you honestly believe people who see all that will not question the system's credibility and motives? After all, Wikipedia now hosts pages of anybody with a Youtube channel. What is wrong with wanting to unite the human family? What is wrong with writing about morality, the conscience and the human condition? Is this the problem? Or is it because I do not play the game and cannot be tamed? Or better yet, I cannot be whored?

In the last few years, I have been cited by doctors, professors, fellow authors, religious leaders and political candidates all over the world. And wherever there is a a presidential election, the odds of two opponents reciting my words to each other in a debate are very HIGH. It happened in Africa and in the Philippines. I get permission requests to have my words printed in books every day. I do not even have to write or say anything anymore. My work is already out there and multiplies by the minute. And yet, in America, I am still to be classified. Could it be because common sense and wisdom are dead?

I am tired of hearing people say that philosophy is dead and that we do not have any female philosophers. So, there are no female lovers of wisdom? Really? Or is it because those people are blind to wisdom? Could it also be because we are too busy studying the names and works of old philosophers, thereby abandoning new voices of the hour? Or could it be because these certain voices could be threatening to the political agenda? Could it be too, because America is void of truth to recognize truth in the literary context -- or any context outside a TV screen? After all, one needs truth in them to recognize truth. Or is it because everyone is afraid to form an opinion without a marching band telling them how to think? And what if there is no marching band because the conductor is a rebel? Does the marching band really lend credibility to his orchestrations, or is it because people need to be told how to think and what to like all the time? Would Plato even stand a chance to be heard today without a Twitter account? And if he really needs one, then what does that really say about society?

Many of my fellow artists and writers agree. Social media is getting burdensome. If a poet spends all their time on social media just to peddle their work and books, then when does this serious writer have time to think and write? And is their objective only to gain fame and wealth -- or to make a valuable contribution to the world with their writing? Does society only recognize the machine writer who makes writing a business? Or the writer who minds his business with only with writing? Regardless of the selected path, if something is truly good, it will outlive us all. If it is only hot for the hour, we will outlive it. After all, gatekeepers, critics and censors do not live forever. Truth always rises with time.

For the last 21 years, my objective has always been to change the world. I don't want your vote, your dollar, your nod, or like. I have been using my pen to awaken humanity one reader at a time.

So if you've wondered why I've pulled away from the internet these past few years, it's because I was experiencing massive suppression everywhere. I was able to see the internet for the illusion and net that it is. I have watched it divide, distract and blind people more than unite, educate, and inform them. We live in an age now where truth is leaving us, and not many people are thinking about what this sad reality really means for the future of our children.

Please reflect on these words. I only want you to remember that America is a reflection of the people it honors. Again, truth always rises with time. And when it does, the credibility of many will be thrown out the window.

And last, if you want to know the truth about someone's true popularity, NEVER look to the internet or the New York Times. Both can be bought by buying a simple ad.


I have been changing the world since '93.

Love and Light

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