God is in All of Us

I was a dreamy kid, the kind that carried conversations in my mind all the time. And sometimes, I would be gone for lengthy spurts of time -- at the dinner table or on a family outing. It didn't matter if my mother was yelling at me to snap out of it, I would be so intensely deep in thought that nobody could ever reach me.

My habit didn't disappear in elementary school or college. In fact, it only got worse. Teachers would call out my name in class to answer a question, but I would be floating on a cloud talking to God.  Now I don't know if the person I would regularly would converse with was truly the Creator, or just an imaginary friend to escape my boredom. But I do know, that sometimes I run into words by other writers, and I can tell just from the construction of their phrases and wording, and even the vibrations surrounding their letters, that they too have been speaking to my special friend.

You see, somewhere deep within the universe is a cosmic heart that pours knowledge to those with questions. And to communicate with it, you simply have to tap into your own heart. Yet there is a catch. You cannot be sleeping. You have to be wide awake. And your heart cannot be heavy. It must be as light as a feather. And your questions cannot carry any shades of darkness, they must be as childlike as a curious and receptive student of Truth. And the answers, can be interpreted in many different ways -- depending on how much truth you have in you.

Suzy Kassem