Mouth of the Beast

Suzy Kassem poetry

The sea was angry,
Smashing anything that came its
Way as it crashed onto the shore.
And my thoughts were thrashing,
Because I didn't know if I really loved him,
Or if he truly loved me,
And if our union was worth the time anymore.
So I told him to jump into the dangerous waters
To prove his love for me.
And without counting to three,
He tore off his pants and peeled off his sleeves,
Then ran into the ferocious sea -
Where the waves swallowed him and spit him out
They bashed him a hundred times,
And forced him underneath to swallow the salt.
He struggled to get out.
Gasping for air, he began to shout out his love for me,
And that's when I knew it was he who meant nothing to me -
For had my heart truly loved him,
It would have never sent him running straight
Into the mouth of a beast.

Poetry “MOUTH OF THE BEAST” by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2008.

Suzy Kassem poetry