If a Woman Could Once Again Rule Egypt

By Suzy Kassem

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would turn Egypt into the most powerful nation in the world,
And every citizen of Egypt, would become a world-class citizen of the world.  
I would make it easier for any Egyptian citizen to be able to travel and explore beyond the nation's boundaries,
And there would be no limits --
For anyone wanting to expand their knowledge 
And pursue their dreams.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
I would return Egypt into the mecca for the cultural arts. 
All theaters across Egypt will be restored and re-opened. 
A regime that does not like to be criticized is a regime that knows it is cheating the people.
 A nation where Truth and Justice prevail should never be afraid of any kind of scrutiny. 
All avenues for creativity will again flourish. 
All master craftsmen will return to their work. 
No sculptures or products made in China will be allowed for sale in tourist areas in Egypt again. 
Egyptian sculptors will return to traditional sculpting. 
High quality standards in all fields of art will be restored.   
Any sort of recognition in the entertainment industry or any avenue of the arts will be based on true merit. This is a must. 
Egyptians will return on the world stage as being the mightiest producers of the greatest art ever – no matter the form.   
Grant programs to encourage the arts will be introduced on a grander scale. 
Higher standards will be expected in cinema, music, and all fields of art.
 Art  has always been half of Egypt’s beauty. 
We must water it, cultivate it, and treat it like a flower.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would remove the word “wusta” from the Egyptian vocabulary.   
Nobody stands between a man and God, so why should a man stand in the way of a man of merit
and an honorable opportunity -- if he has the right qualifications and is the BEST man for the position?  
 A man’s true worth should only exist in his actions and the coloring of his heart.   
However, if a man presents himself for an opportunity, he should only be judged based on his true merit and character – and nothing more. 
It should not matter who a man’s father is, where he comes from, and what he does for a living. 
Every human is equal in God’s eyes and shall be treated as such in Egyptian society – 
and before the law.  
 Inequality is the platform for injustice.  
 Unfairness always leads to problems.
 If we keep this imbalance, there will always be turbulence.   
The term “wusta” should never replace "true merit". 
There is no truth in this practice. It is dishonest and unjust. 
It is not fair that brilliant minds sit at home wasting away,
While many men who are not properly trained for their positions --
sit in high positions of power simply because of who they know. 
This is why Egypt is drowning in corruption and aimlessness. 
Egypt needs the smartest talent and minds to move it forward, 
NOT the most connected people.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would make The New Egypt a mirror of the First Egypt installed by our ancestors. 
The New Egypt will stand on two legs and these legs only: Truth and Justice.  
The Laws of Truth and Justice will return to Egypt and her eyes will be everywhere.
 There will be no more corruption in the courts, in administrative affairs, in rulership, 
or within the police force. 
The eyes of Truth and Justice will be everywhere.
All criminals who lie, cheat, steal, or kill will be tried before the courts and penalized with an equal hand according to the law regardless of who they are
 or who they know.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
There would be high standards set in construction, food quality, education, and medicine.  
 If students can only pass classes with the assistance of tutors, then we need smaller classes and better teachers. The new Egyptian will be required to know at least two languages and be proficient in technology before the age of 18 to qualify for a free college education.  If one should master THREE languages, the Ministry of Education will send that student overseas to study for a M.A or PhD, on the condition that they commit at least seven years working for the Egyptian government when they return. We need first-class world citizens to be part of our country’s administration and we will take care of those we cultivate.  I want every Egyptian to speak different languages and to travel. The government will provide grants to everyone who graduates with a higher degree in or outside of Egypt to travel to at least one part of the world as part of an exploratory, business, media, OR diplomacy program.
YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
I would make sure all ancient artifacts belonging to Egypt are returned to Egypt. All foreign archaeologists will be forced to return to their native countries at once. There will be no more plundering of the dead in Egypt and strict penalties will be enforced on those disturbing or disrespecting the dead in any form. Egypt will never rest in peace until she is back in one piece. EVERYTHING WILL BE RETURNED.  
 There would be no more destruction, abuse, exploitation, or stealing of Egyptian antiquities.   
All museums would be ordered to return everything at once --
Or they will be sued and boycotted by the Egyptian government and the youth of Egypt for stealing the belongings of their ancestors, exploiting the dead, and misinterpreting their history. 
If anybody wants to see parts of Egypt, 
THEY must come to Egypt to see her.  

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would CUT all relations with countries trying to push for nuclear power plants to be built along the Sinai.  Nuclear Energy is unnecessary for Egypt when we have the means to tap into solar energy as we did before.  Egypt is a mighty nation filled with the world’s best engineers. The smart engineer knows this deal would jeopardize the safety of Egypt and benefit only its enemies. 

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
The best journalists, educators, scientists, doctors, artists, writers, and engineers would be rewarded each year by the President in front of the media and all Arab nations. Excellence in all fields will be encouraged and commended. We need bold, honest reporters to keep truth and justice prevalent across the land.  It is time to honor them instead of silence them.
YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,  
Terrorism of any sort would not be tolerated. 
Penalties would be doubled for those that claim they stand for God
Yet their actions and words do not reflect such. 
Tarnishing the image of Egypt,
Or an entire religion 
By claiming to act for them, 
Yet your actions prove you are against them,
Will weigh dangerously in the courts.
There would be no hypocrisy in Egypt. Only Truth.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt. 

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,  
 I would make sure the Egyptian parliament is divided equally amongst Muslims and Coptic Christians. Both religions are dominant forces in Egypt. Both wings are needed to make Egypt fly strong. Religion will never be used to divide and cripple the citizens of Egypt. We will be a peaceful nation inside and outside our borders. 

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.
If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would remove all dams along the Nile. 
This will also go for Ethiopia. 
No dams that conflict with the natural divine flow of nature will be constructed. 
In the past, both Egypt and Ethiopia experienced the greatest heights of their civilization when the Nile was allowed to flow naturally – controlled only by the forces of nature.   
A fraction of the instability experienced in both countries today is due to the plugging of the Nile. 
You cannot stick a tampon in a woman and leave it there and not expect negative side effects.
Man was not created to play God or to take command of his orchestra. 
Let Mother Nature flow as she was intended. 
The prosperity of Egypt has always depended on the Nile.
Our ancestors were able to adapt to floods, and so must we.
Agriculture will return to being Egypt’s chief export.  
 We will export more food than we import. No child in Egypt should ever sleep hungry.  
 As the first woman president in Egypt since the Pharaohs, tending to the Nile and the overall fertility and prosperity of Egypt would be my top priority.
I understand the importance of water and the cycles of womanhood.
This is Egypt,
and Egypt has always been

-- Suzy Kassem
American-born and educated. Internationally-raised and traveled. An Egyptian National and Daughter of Egypt. I am Suzy Kassem. God is my only leader. Truth is my only sword. Guided only by my conscience, I am a true citizen of the world.

The throne of Egypt has always passed from the blood of woman, the blood of which initially belonged Isis.  This is why we call Egypt a woman and mother.  In addition, the ruling law of Egypt also once rested on the wings of Truth and Justice, which belonged to those of Maat. It has always been a woman holding up the foundation, the two legs and wings of Egypt. Without women, there would be no womb and no life. Without the flooding of the Nile, Egypt would have never thrived into the wisest, most powerful and richest civilization in the world. It is time to return Egypt to the powerful nation it once was. The country now needs a sharp eagle to lead the Mother of the World out of its state of despair, and reverse it back into a hopeful star of the future. Let that eagle be an intelligent and wise, objective and sensible -- full-blooded Egyptian woman. A woman who will serve you, not oppress you and your children. A woman who loves the arts and understands the vitality of creativity in fostering a happy and healthy environment. A woman who can communicate across cultures, diplomatically and to the streets, and is a shrewd negotiator, peacemaker, protector and lion who leads only with her heart.

Please consider this poem as a list of ideas for a better Egypt.

I thank you all in advance.

Your Servant,


If a Woman Could Once Again Rule Egypt, Copyright 2013, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.For more writings, go to SUZYKASSEM.COM or get the book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun