Mother of the World


Children of Egypt --
You have given Egypt's eyes and ears to
Those who have tried to steal them since
You have sold her head, chest, hands, and arms
To the highest or friendliest buyers --
And even the rock below her feet is
Sold to men who do not love her.

And now you wonder why 
The Mother
Has no legs to stand on?

Who is Egypt without a
Mouth to speak,
A hand to write,
Two feet to stand on,
Eyes to see,
And children to fight for her?

You sold her secrets
And allowed the resting place of her daughters and sons 
To be disturbed and pillaged.
You robbed her of not only her body,
But of her knowledge, history, memory,
Sacred valuables, laws, and resources.
And instead of asking,
'Who is destroying our mother?'
You fight against each other 
Pointing fingers
While shouting the names of your messengers,
And the names of your fathers,
While your Mother is still being raped 
And robbed in front of you.

Forgive them, Mother of the World.
They have divided your children,
As they have divided you.
They claim to love you and fight for you -
By fighting and blaming each other.
They have abandoned Truth
While fighting blindly for Justice.
They have abandoned and neglected the reasoning of the past
While fighting unreasonably for the future.

Liberal and radical.
Coptic and Muslim.
Man and woman.
Young and old.
Rich and poor.
Straight and crooked.

Every nation needs two legs to stand on,
And every eagle needs two wings to fly.

So let unity be the greatest monster
All children of Egypt must UNITE.
Be the two legs to hold up
The Mother --
And remember...
No mother likes to see
Her children fight.

Suzy Kassem, 2013. All rights reserved. 

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