Death Never Rings the Doorbell

I've been studying tons of videos lately of people dying unexpectedly on camera -- reporters, hosts, crooks, really young people, anyone in the media. None of these people, young or old, knew they were seconds away from sudden death. They all looked healthy and were talking on camera normally, but then suddenly -- they wobbled or collapsed right away. I studied their faces and reactions in the face of death. I noticed two common reactions I would like to share with you. First, I noticed the eyes of some people would smile seconds before death. It was almost as if something very bright or beautiful was standing before them. The illumination of whatever it was would cast a glow over their faces. Others that died, looked like they suddenly got struck by something ugly and invisible. I can tell from their eyes that whatever they saw scared them.

There was a man being interviewed on camera who suddenly felt something was wrong with his vision. He kept rubbing his eyes, staring up at the light, thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him. Then suddenly, he fell over. Heart attacks, brain aneurysms, a date with Fate....who knows. I even saw a guy and a girl rob a bunch of people at a gas station. When the guy went up to the gas attendant with a gun, the robber suddenly fell to the floor and died. I studied the video from many angles and found no possible human intervention. The kid was in his late teens and he dropped like a fly. There was no logical or medical explanation for it whatsoever.

Death strikes at any time and without explanation. People think that they will get a warning before Death comes, but Death never rings the doorbell. This is why it is important to be good always, and to fully LOVE all those close to you NOW. Never wait for tomorrow. Death comes without an announcement...and in two possible images. Behave according to the one you want to greet you. 

-- Suzy Kassem