A Quick Class on Substance

It does not matter if you drive luxury cars and want expensive clothes...if your heart is worthless. In truth, your heart is what really makes a man or woman truly priceless. It does not matter if you like five-star hotels and five-star dining, if the substance within you is only worth one star. A man who truly comes from money -- will tell you that it is what is in the mind that truly makes a man rich. A man who was fed with a golden spoon will prefer to die with a rusty spoon in his mouth if he can attain a woman who will love him for his heart and mind -- not the golden spoon. And many men with true love will sell that love for a golden spoon. If a mind has no measurement to you, you are uneducated. If a heart has no measurement to you, you are uncultured. Listening to Top 40 or Mozart does not make a person cultured. Being able to see the beauty in all things and people truly does. A heart that fails to see the heart in others, will also always have a heart blind to others. Being stingy does not make you richer, it only makes you lonelier. And a lonely man will always be deprived of love. A person deprived of heart, love, and mind is a walking dead person because there is no value to their soul. A person loaded with love, a compassionate heart, and a rich mind is the most valuable soul in the whole world. Culture can be taught , but class cannot be bought. A person who thinks labels make them classy are covering up for what they truly lack -- genuine class, merit, culture, and etiquette. A person with true substance does not feel the need to prove anything on the surface to ANYBODY. Only those with no substance do.  -- Suzy Kassem