If Your Child Has Nightmares

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If your child has constant nightmares and fears sleep, give them a doll or figurine and tell them it is an angel. Make them believe it is really an angel. Make them love it and transfer love into it. They really have to love it so choose something good. Before they sleep each night, have them hold the angel to the light to magnify its powers. Tell your child that as long as an angel is with them, nothing can hurt them in their sleep. But if something should turn up and scare them, tell them to command the angel to chase it away. To do so, teach them a line from the holy book of the religion they were born in. If it is the Bible, teach them a line in Aramaic. The line you choose must be in the original language of the scripture. Even if you are atheist, pick out a line from whatever religion dominates your bloodline. This is actually important. Teach your kid to recite a line flawlessly and with strong AUTHORITY like a grand wizard. I say this because they have to sound very confident and fearless. The harmonics of the utterance means more than the actual meaning. For this to work, your kid has to believe that the light in the angel is way more powerful and greater than anything they may encounter. Fear only makes what is in the dark stronger. So, turn your child into a little wizard of light and let their angel be their wand. This should do the trick. Also, hearing your kid shouting incantations in the middle of the night is your alarm to go shake them out of a bad dream or encounter. Never ignore your kid screaming through a nightmare. Always intrude to get them out of it. 
-- Suzy Kassem
aka Blue Panther 777

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