The Greater the Spirit, the More One is Alone

I learned that truly great people with universal minds tapped into the divine, and souls reflecting God, are the most disconnected from humanity -- not because they choose to be shunned, but because anybody who wants to understand them, get closer to them, or follow their teachings...has to go through an ego-dying process most are too proud to do. The greater the spirit and light in the teacher, the less people will be willing to put their faith in them. Yet, the lesser the teacher, the greater his audience. This is a paradoxical truth. People fear true greatness because it makes them feel small. So instead, they choose to follow small minds that act like they are great, but in truth, are simple reflections of their own egos. Truth never has a following, this is why people must seek it. It knows that if it should stand still to gather a crowd, it will be flung mud and covered in dirt. However, only when Truth is completely out of the picture, then egos will soften and everybody will claim being a friend to Truth. The greatest visionaries of the world (mystics, writers, saints, seers, philosophers) who reflected on the mysteries of life and preached for truth and unity were all thrown rocks at while living. People fought with them all the time, questioned them like schoolkids, degraded them, and abandoned them when they needed help -- even though these people spent every minute helping all people and anyone who asked. Only after they die, will people admit to their greatness. And those that acted like they never listened, read, or paid attention to the person while they were living, later will admit when the person is gone that they were their greatest fans. 

The human ego is the ugliest part of man. We rise up those that show us only darkness, and put down those that show us light. Likewise, people engage in darkness when it is light outside, and acknowledge the light only when it is dark. Shame on humanity. You only remember good people and God when it is convenient for you, and because their doors are always open, you spend your time gambling in front of doors that are closed. Thousands of wise men have tried to awaken the dormant masses to erase division barriers and plagues of injustice, yet you abandon those fighting for you to cheer behind those fighting against you. You would rather stand next to a man with no substance but covered in gold, rather than the one with substance and wisdom of gold. What would you do if God was dressed as a human and gave himself the name of a human? Would you recognize your Maker? If so, how? And if he disguised himself as a poor man working as a carpenter, would you give him your attention? Probably not. Only those with truth in them will recognize truth, and only those with light in their composition will be drawn to the light -- like attracts like. God attracts those with God alive in them. That is the secret. The majority of people in the world today do not use their conscience -- when your conscience is all you need to connect to God. Again, what/who is God? He is the Creator of all that IS. He is the Cosmic Heart of the Universe, all things spring to life from his LOVE. God is LOVE. There is no need for a temple or religion to communicate to him. Your conscience/heart should be your only temple. Only fools need a religion to show people they know him. When you feel the need to "show" people you know him, then that really don't. -- Suzy Kassem