The Highway of Horus


Strive to be good, people. That is all.
And yes, every thought, action, and word gets measured. Every vibration has a consequence and takes part in a sequence. The most important vibrations any human can possibly emi
t are those emitting from his/her conscience. I keep emphasizing this for a reason. Never abandon your conscience.

What is your conscience?

Your conscience is the highway to Horus. Tap into it and you will know Truth.

Where is it?

The Highway to Horus is from the temple behind your right ear -- all the way to left temple of your heart. This area is the most important and most electromagnetic part of your body. It is not the standard chakra system they teach you in eastern medicine. This is the TRUE motherboard of your TRUE multidimensional self. This is the area that connects you to God; hence, the god in you. The Highway to Horus is the highway to Truth, and it is where your conscience presides on a throne. It stays bonded and fired only when you are transmitting truths in your every word and action. What begins as a small magnetic fragment of light will grow stronger and brighter the more you harness and build it. The formula is not a secret. Knowledge, love, and truth are the fuels to keep it alive and wired. The more you are void of these three, the less light you will have in your heart. However, once fully ignited, the more light in your heart, the more a golden kind of light will pierce passionately through your eyes. The eyes of Horus. The eye of Truth. Practice Truth and you will be a true falcon of the Creator -- one with all things. All that is one with Truth. One that is all.  --  Suzy Kassem aka Sitaten Khaemmaat

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