The True Holy Trinity

If it weren't for our parents giving us life, we wouldn't exist. So how do you deal with parents that make your life a living HELL? And how do you cope with a parent that is bitter, manipulative, bipolar, an alcoholic, schizophrenic, selfish, super abusive, super demanding, or super needy? Most of us have a parent that has at least one of these issues. But how many of you have actually stood strong through their emotional storms to try to be the rock of reason, patience and compassion? We are so programmed to believe our parents are supposed to be perfect like we see on TV, wholesome and sweet, and teach us only good things. Yet, this is far from reality. Our parents are meant to show us that all people are flawed, including those we once viewed as gods when we were children. Second, how we treat them, regardless of how they may have mistreated us, is how we treat those that gave us life -- are we grateful or very unthankful? This is the Creator's ultimate test.

So, no matter how cruel and abusive your parents may be at times, try hard to be the right person. And in your older years, when you find yourself acting as the parent and they the kids, never mistreat them or neglect them as they may have done to you. If your parents have always been kind, never take advantage of their kindness. Once you turn into an adult, and especially later when they are now the child and you are the parent, stop taking things from them, and instead be the one caring for THEM. They do not owe you anything more than the life they already gave you. And if they were miserable parents, they will be judged for how they treated you and what they taught you until you reached adulthood. So never feel the need to get revenge. Again, be the right person always.

Now there is more...

The holy trinity actually represents the FAMILY unit. This is the truth. The Isis-Osiris-Horus model that was born in ancient Egypt is the REAL holy trinity (Father-Wife-Child). Half of your obligation in this life is to create a family, nurture it, and preserve it the best you possibly can. This is the second part of the test. Nowadays, the media thrives on glorifying divorces and broken families. This is wrong. There are three sacred unions each of you will encounter in this lifetime -- that with your parents, that with your chosen mate and child, and that with the cosmic heart of the universe (which you nurture and preserve through your conscience). These three relationships are the most divine of the divine. All else is irrelevant.

* The same way the Bible was manipulated to hide the role of Mary Magdalene and her true place as Jesus's closest apostle, is the same way the Creator's reflection (Asherah/Isis) was omitted by sexist chauvinists from history. In the story of creation, there has always been a woman. If you understand duality, you will know this as truth. Yet to eliminate women from scenes of power, the trinity was altered to represent a holy spirit of unidentified sex, instead of Father, Son, and Mother. Without mothers to give birth, there would be no life.

Suzy Kassem (11/16/2012)