The Time for Convergence

I truly believe that religion was descended into many regions across the world using symbols, terminology, and language that local natives would understand. For instance, Angel Gabriel is the same entity that came to the Jews in the Torah, the Christians in the Bible, and the Muslims in the Quran. Native tribes also describe the same entity in the same way in spirit. So, if one has studied all world religions and clearly sees the messages in them all are exactly the same regardless of messenger (Jesus, Mohammed, David, Shiva, Buddha..etc), then why are we waiting to connect them all and EVOLVE -- now that we have the technology to bridge all nations? Before, this was not possible due to the vast distances that once separated us, but now that we are closer and easily connected, isn't it time to take all the same messages and make them ONE? Isn't it time to put a new face on religion and just call it LOVE? Nothing separates us more than religion! And though I believe the basic moral guidelines are IMPORTANT and one and the same, why are we fighting over whose messenger is the right one...when most of you don't even understand the message?

ONE. The time is now. Now is the time.

Suzy Kassem