The True Enemy of Mankind

The chaos on our planet, the plundering of resources, and the division of mankind are not the true works of any kind of MAN. They are the work of those who conquer man. As you already should know, as exists below. This is why the unity of all men is important. Your enemy is not each other. Your true enemy is the same enemy of God! Humanity will have no legs to stand against the common enemy so long as you all shall remain DIVIDED and CRIPPLED!! I stand as a witness that there IS A GOD!! And he does not like ANYBODY to harm a single hair on the heads of ANY of his children. Killing each other is an act of hatred. Smiling and laughing with each other are acts of love. Which do you think God prefers?  THINK.

To become a true global citizen one must abandon all notions of otherness and instead embrace togetherness. -- Suzy Kassem