You Are All Supernatural

We all have supernatural powers but do not know how to use them. That is why they are called SUPER--NATURAL...they are already super NATURAL to US!!

I know from personal experience, that we ALL have mental and magnetic beyond our current limited potential. These abilities were part of our divine design so we can stay in tune with one another and connect when needed -- from any place at any time. Yet, we are intentionally being programmed to forget our amazing abilities. So much that even though some of us have already encountered moments where we have witnessed hints of our true potential in the past, we write it off these eerie events as coincidence, or deny what really happened because they are foreign to us. However, I am POSITIVE that many of you have been able to do very amazing things once or twice during your youth. In the innocence of childhood, we allowed our minds to roam and explore blossoming abilities without borders, and even without phones, we still managed to remain connected to our mothers. Since we were limited with words, we found that we could still transfer our needs without opening our mouths. And also, communicate the same way to other infants. Many of us kept the abilities we had when we were young, but because we did not know about the potential of these dormant and random abilities, so we neglect harnessing them to develop them further. This is how I know our current existence is one big lie. The ability for us to transfer energy to each other is doable. I have done it. We all have the ability to transfer love, fear, coldness, hotness, hatred, love, apathy, fear, rejection, loss, and anxiety to another person -- or an entire neighborhood --- without even being aware. Why? Because we are not aware of our own potential!!

Now, for ten seconds, I want you to imagine what those out there who are AWARE of these abilities...are doing to those who aren't. Knowledge is power, and with this extra boost in mega power, a small group of those "who know" can unknowingly transfer negative thoughts to those that don't. There IS a big evil congregation out there in the world that communicates its plans, meetings, and agenda on a global scale through telepathy. They do not need telephones or email to tell each other what they are doing. They are already tapped into each others' minds like a set of twins! What they call divine secrets (reserved for those at the highest ranks of their dark secret societies) are in fact....divine God-given RIGHTS for ALL!

You see, when Time started, there used to exist a civilization of light that was 777X more evolved than what we are today. Only the heart could decode their language, and without speaking, they transferred thoughts between their minds. Telepathy on a nationwide discourages evil, because when dark thoughts are being transferred, anybody could tap into them. So if the dark rulers lurking behind the curtains today allowed us this access this "privilege", then evil would not be able to thrive when all is open for all to hear. The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of this ability, because this skill is known as the Eye of the Creator -- it hears and sees all. In modern times, not even historians or western archaeologists have tapped into this truth. This is the TRUTH. Because what lies at the core of the eye is the pulse that either disconnects us or brings humanity together.

Think about it. If you were tapped into strangers, you would naturally become a more compassionate and loving being. You would feel their pain and suffering, love and desires. In turn, you would see them exactly as you see yourself and feel the pulse that binds you together.

So how is it that people feel disconnected from this ability, if it were indeed the TRUTH? Our current existence is based on many lies and illusions. Fluoride is a poison that compounds itself into the pineal gland, crippling the magnetic circuitry needed to activate our true abilities. Universal connectivity through heart, mind, and spirit is exactly what the dark forces don't want and never wanted -- way, way, way, before any of your great-great-great-great grandparents were even born. If a society is filled with light and love, we already know evil cannot conquer. Yet somewhere back in time, there were rebels that thirsted for power over peace. They infiltrated the light civilization, rose to power, and locked away anyone who tried to use their divine abilities. Secret societies were created to reserve this secret only for the privileged minority they felt worthy of sharing and tapping into their dark force. Wherever there is power is where they are seated. Though they are a ruthless minority, their lineage gets more powerful as humanity weakens. -- Suzy Kassem

The Writings of Blue Panther 777, Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

we are all supernatural - suzy kassem