The Eagle Eye Perspective

How many of you have had a dream where you find yourself running away from something, and you can't find a safe enough place to hide -- because suddenly the world feels so TINY? Yet, if you were outside of your situation, you would be able to list at least a thousand places you could hide in easily....

How many of you have told yourselves that when you come into big mon
ey, you will buy this and that...and that and this, but when you DO come into the money, you spend on it on everything EXCEPT the thing you really wanted or needed?

How many of you have given solid relationship, legal, business, philosophical, or work advice to someone, only to find themselves totally clueless and lost when found in the SAME situation at a later time?

It is all an issue of perspective, people. Sometimes when we feel under pressure, stressed, or emotionally wound-up, we fail to look at the bigger picture from an eagle-eye perspective. We become prisoners of our own minds to the extent that we fail in situations that we should have conquered. It is natural to lose yourself in a moment, but never allow any moment to control you to the point it blinds you of your perspective.

So, don't forget to study EVERY situation in life with the soaring eye of an eagle. Knowing all the angles gives you competitive advantage and more power over the rest in any situation. If you have a problem with anybody, get in their shoes and look through their eyes, THEN look at the situation through the eyes of God (your conscience). If you forget where you are or where you are going, go up high in the sky and look down at yourself as if you were God. Your map will then become clear to you. And also, only when you look at yourself from an outward or upward view...will YOU also become clear to YOU.  -- Suzy Kassem