The Laws of Water by Suzy Kassem

writings of suzy kassem


1. All bodies of water on this earth belong to the children and animals of this earth, not to a corporation or private entity.

2. Take it and share it but never waste a drop of it.

3. Never deny a thirsty man water. Offer it before he asks.

4. Never taint or pollute water anywhere.

5. Do not tamper with drinking water if it has been tampered with.

6. Water is the true gold because there would be no life without it. He who controls the water, controls the population's souls. NEVER allow rivers, canyons, lakes, public wells, basins, waterfalls, caves, and anywhere where water has been open to nature and the public for eons -- to be incorporated, labeled, bottled, and SOLD. Ignoring this will lead to a slave-master system in the future, where those who control the water can ask any price at will.

7. Fight to free our water. Fight to purify our water, and fight to keep water reserves FREE and open for ALL. Never allow natural arsenals of water to be privatized.

8. The sun's rays can purify water from any water source found in nature. Hold a clear container with water up to an open area where you feel the strongest UV light, then let the sun's rays divide the dirt and purify its contents. Adding chemicals only adds negative elements that could destroy the existing vitamins, minerals and healing properties of water. If a straining/filtering system or the sun can't purify it, don't drink it.

9. Be wary of the man who does not offer water, charges too much for water, asks for too much water, and the one who makes water his business.

10. Fluoride is the poison used by our rogue governments to dumb down humanity to the stage it is in today. Keep fluoride out of our water and food supplies, medicines, and bathroom cabinets. Fluoride builds up around the pineal gland in the brain and calcifies it, distorting its natural antenna effects, while also destroying the magical benefits of water. Keep it out of public water, home water, city water, your kid's water, and the world's water supply. Fluoride is currently being administered in public water sources around the world. It is being forced in our most vital and sacred gift on earth: WATER.

11. A reflection of the water condition near you will also reflect the condition of the water in the universe within you. Try to consume natural spring water with no additives. If you know how to turn bottled or tap water electromagnetic with the help of magnets, do that. That is the true fountain of youth: ELECTROMAGNETIC WATER. What makes us healthy and grow can also be used to destroy us. We need water, food, and air. All three are currently being intentionally contaminated to annihilate us in the form of population control. Humanity is the only fire that can help put a stop to the raping of the earth and our children's future resources. All it takes is one drop of poison in a pitcher of water to kill all those who drink from it. The time will come when the owner of the pitcher will not get penalized, but blame will be placed instead on those who drank from the water. Why? Because BIG BUSINESSES rule like gods on this earth. Capitalism does not serve the people, only the huge multinational corporations with enough money to sponsor and bribe our leaders. Capitalism defines a profit-driven empire, not one that is driven to benefit the goodwill of its citizens by placing their needs and security first.

Let truth be told.  The more we allow water to be controlled, bottled, and sold -- the more we sell the security of our sons, daughters and souls. He who controls the water, controls our souls. Water is the true gold.

-- Suzy Kassem (2012)