The Art of Deception

Some people have the coldest smiles, but have the most tender hearts. And many have the most tender smiles, but carry the coldest hearts. You cannot judge a man by his smile, but you CAN judge a man by his heart. This is why it is the smallest actions that reveal the most about a heart's true color, so pay attention to them. Actions are the true words of the heart. Words can be cheap and smiles dangerous, IF there is no truth in them. The amount of truth in your words and actions reveal the amount of truth in your heart. So to know a man, measure his heart before his smile. A deceiver is a master in concealing his heart's blackness, true motives, and blemished history. Yet a mask can cover only so much and will always decompose with time. Like a lotus plunging to the surface of a pond to embrace the light from its muddy dark surface, TRUTH ALWAYS rises with time.-- Suzy Kassem