His Story


In 125 years from now, who will be around to say whether you liked tomato soup or Gandhi? Who will share stories of your childhood, first love, dislikes, and interests? Who will tell the world of your adventures and the places you've traveled if there are no pictures or receipts to prove it? And who will be around to accurately translate the real meaning of any words or artwork you left behind, and who will be around to prove they are actually yours? And if your friends or enemies left anything behind about you, would their words be good or bad, and how much of it would really be true? What if you were a very good person but had many enemies? And what if you were an influential person with a big following -- whose words and image are currently one of the most bankable industries in the world? If you can control the information and words of that leader after he/she dies, you can control his/her followers almost forever. If you can change the outcomes of wars, time frames or locations of pivotal events, or the succession of leaders of any "dynasty", you can change a country's position of power or debts to another nation in the future. You can build mythical entities or hide vital information anytime. There will be nobody around to verify that Jesus had blue eyes or if Charlie Chaplin ever rode a donkey. And even if one person died with a book on his story, there will be five or hundreds to write their version of HIS STORY to cover up his truths. If you wrote your life story before you died, how many enemies will also write books about you, which later will be multiplied to another 500 additional titles over time? One man's truths do not stand a chance to outlive him in a land of a billion people -- especially if those with power and influence do not like him or can gain something through lies.

What if your history was erased and rewritten like those of many historical icons of the past? Who is around today to say what color Jesus or Mohammed's hair really looked like or how they spent their time? Remember, Jesus never wrote the Bible. Everyone claiming to know him personally did. If God wanted them to be his messengers, he would have chosen them instead of Jesus. Did any of his "close friends" stand up for Jesus when he was being hung? No! They did not stand up for what was right because they found their lives to be more precious than the TRUTH! So why would you listen to what they claim Jesus said? Any man who does not stand up for his conscience is not favored by God. And this is the true meaning of Jesus dying for our sins.

Three hundred years after you die, and your children and grandchildren die too, how will people know that you died a Baahist and not a Christian, and even though people thought you were broke -- you had tons of bricks of gold hidden under the boards in the kitchen? How much truth is preserved in the histories of our dead heroes, leaders, prophets, and kings? And WHO has translated, decoded, researched, and re-written their histories? WHO are they exactly and what are their beliefs, dislikes, biases, background, gains, motives....and so forth?

So if all human witnesses disappear every 125 years, who or what is truly around to say what happened to the world 125,000 years ago or what God really said to who? Those manipulating truths to their benefit know there isn't a soul around to say otherwise. Yet there are sheep to manage! Knowing this (since he created the minds and hearts of men), the Creator preserved truths in our hearts so we would naturally know right from wrong. He knew the details of important events would be tampered with, so he stored his most important concerns in our hearts -- to be good to yourself and others, know the difference between right and wrong, seek truth always, and never neglect your conscience until you die. -- Suzy Kassem