It's so strange how we live in a supernatural transdimensional cosmic world, but many people see it one-dimensionally. There are multiple universes within universes, all operating parallel in time to our own universe, that to believe nothing exists beyond what our eye can see is truly delusional. We are .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000777% of what exists in the cosmos. To understand the chemistry of cosmology, you have to first know the four elements: earth, wind, fire, water. Of the four elements, fire can change the state of any substance. Meaning, properties made of fire can co-exist with the three other elements. Lifeforms made of clashing properties cannot live/breathe with us, but those that can mix with our own can co-exist. You may ask yourselves, how can anything live in the sun? Anything already made of energy/fire can enter fire. Humans are unique in that we possess all four elements in our make-up, but each has limitations. We can exist in fire, but our physical suits cannot. Some entities out there in our universe cannot handle earth's temperature/climate/atmosphere the same way we can't handle the scorching heat of the sun. Energy/light already exists in a candle/fire.

water earth - can
water air - can
water fire - cannot co-exist
water water - can
fire earth - cant
fire air - can
fire fire - can
fire water - cant
...and so on.

-- Suzy Kassem