The Story of Sekhmet


A long time ago, a loyal servant of the Creator, who was known to him as his "daughter" only because of her faithfulness to him, came down as a warrior from Sirius A and landed in a city called Bubastis. She came from a tribe of warriors that took on the shape of the feline form. The film AVATAR captures these beings in their close-to-true form, and they are REAL. These beings are the servants of the Creator of the Universe and they still exist and thrive today on the star known as Sirius...

The daughter was known as SEK-EE-MET and she descended only to destroy and eliminate all those who cursed and rebelled against her father. Yet she did not take her father's permission to intervene with earth's creatures, and so when the Creator found out she had slipped onto earth, he sent down other feline warriors to bring her back. Well Sekhmet was already at war with many tribes simultaneously, and she was using her unearthly powers to bring death onto all the corrupt Dracos who had changed the hearts of men and the once divine pharaohs. The good people loved her and stood with her to fight the evil forces, but her tribe of feline warriors could not pull her away from destroying all the deviant men. So a truce was made between Sekhmet and her tribe, that if they helped her eliminate the most lethal Dracos, she would return back with them to Sirius and let all of earth's creatures be. But it got to the point where the aggressive Sekhmet couldn't stop fighting -- even after she had eliminated the highest caste of Dracos, She wanted to also eliminate all the lower castes as well. So the Creator spoke to her one day through the Sun and told her that the tail of evil had no end, and if she was determined to eliminate all evil., then she would be stuck on earth fighting for all of eternity. But Sekhmet, no matter how faithful she was to the Creator, refused to listen to his words, and kept fighting. So the Creator decided to teach Sekhmet a lesson for going against his words. He had her tribe threw her a party one night in her honor, where she was given red mercury in her drink. And with the vengeful blessing of the Creator, she was punished to stay on earth for all eternity -- or until she felt in her heart that she had rid the world of all evil. So, only if evil completely vanishes entirely off the face of the earth, then Sekhmet (who exists amongst us today) can return back to Sirius. Until then, she will continue to rise and set like the sun with each new age. --- Suzy Kassem