Egypt's New Perspective of America


To understand the common Egyptian's current shift of attitude towards Americans, you have to know that DURING the Egyptian revolution, all the teargas used on the youth was made in Egypt. That teargas was SAFE and did not create much harm. This is because the military's super repressed effort to control civil dissent came from Obama, who had warned the Egyptian regime NOT to harm a single Egyptian. Now, after the revolution, many protests still continue on, but a more powerful and LETHAL teargas has hit the scene and has been the cause of severe suffocation, blindness, and death to many. The writing on each disposed can now reads: MADE IN USA.

american teargas
Egypt's admirable view of Obama pre-revolution in 2009:

Egyptians were all for democracy until they saw through their satellite TV screens what the true face of American democracy really looked like. During the revolution, they watched Obama applaud their boldness, bravery, and actions as they fought to overthrow the Mubarak regime. Yet, when the Occupy movement surfaced, they saw Obama allow the beating and imprisonment of protesters in his own country. This hypocrisy did not score well with Egyptians, because it provided them with strong evidence that western democracy was just an illusion. The push for western democracy in Arab nations has always been used as the driving force behind numerous wars disguised as humanitarian missions where hundreds of thousands of innocent people were bombed and killed. So in a quick instant, Egyptians had a sudden change of heart, and now reject democracy and all American political ideologies from their view of their future. In the eyes of Egyptians, Obama turned out to be another Bush, loaded with unfulfilled promises, lies, and hypocrisy. He already had a tarnished image for failing to be the HOPE every youth and senior in the Middle East had hoped for. And instead of creating peace, he only brought about more blood and war.

A billboard in Cairo Airport reads: