The Golden Law of Building Anything

The same brick used to build the foundation of a building, when removed, is the same brick that can bring down the entire building.

Often times, when people are sought out and seduced to take part in a business venture or creative project to help it grow, they typically become so consumed by the vision that they give it their all. Then the first owner of the venture will see how magnificent the building is as it comes together, then becomes so consumed by ego and greed that he will forget that other hands and minds were vital in the success and growth of that building. He will then forget all the teamwork involved, including all the initial promises he made to seduce his partners, and instead of saying "WE", he will say "I". And instead of saying "OURS", he will say "MINE".

Again, the same brick used to build the foundation of a building can be the same brick to bring down the entire building. Always keep your word in all your business dealings and always be kind, good, and grateful to every builder who helped you build a pyramid. All relationships and businesses flourish when communication chains are good and fluid, but everything will slowly fall apart when communications become static or monopolized.

The Great Pyramid of Giza wasn't build right the first time, and this is the REAL reason why there are three. The first time, the grand architect wanted to cut corners to build it fast and cheap, and he treated his workers like slaves. The second time, the grand architect's ego got bigger and bigger with each new layer of the pyramid, so many workers conspired against him -- to loosen a few bricks at the top and at the heart of the pyramid. The third time, the grand architect finally got it right. When each layer of the new pyramid was complete, he told each builder he couldn't have done it without them. And when the capstone was added to the monument to mark its completion, the grand architect looked down from the top of the Great Pyramid and humbly said, "I cannot reward myself alone as the creator of this majestic work of art. My idea was simply an idea without the hands and minds that turned it into a reality. I am grateful to the man who tested the soil and found its location. I am grateful to the man who went over the measurements to make sure the pyramid would not fall apart. I am grateful to the man who found the right bricks and building materials, and to the man who found and managed the builders, and made sure they were fed well. And I am also grateful to the man who provided the resources to keep the operation moving. But most of all, I am grateful to the patient wives and children of all these passionate builders for allowing their husbands and fathers to give me all their time to be partners of this accomplished grand vision."

Until this day, the Great Pyramid has withstood the test of time for several thousands of years. And until this day, the real name of the grand architect who initiated the building of the Great Pyramid is still not known. -- Suzy Kassem (c) (2/16/2012)