The Cost of Freedom

The youth of Egypt have successfully managed to oust their president and his cabinet. And now that the revolution is suffering a very ugly counter-revolution, people are complaining that the revolution should have never happened. Prices have gone up 200%, tourist spots are empty, many stores are closing down every day, there is no safety on the streets anymore, many youth have died...and the cost keeps going up and up. Freedom is every man's right, but nobody said it was free. Now that people see the cost of the bill, they are cursing the youth and saying they have ruined the country. Freedom has always come at a HIGH cost, and those same people today who are complaining that the revolution is expensive, are the same people tomorrow who will jump up in it's successful glory when they see what the new-found liberation will offer their children, and then they will proudly say: "My children fought in the revolution!" -- Suzy Kassem