The Bulls of Blind Faith

There is a man I know....who prays five times a day, goes to the Mosque/Church every weekend, always sits and reads religious scriptures, and says 'THANK GOD' about a thousand times a day...

But this same man....loves the dollar bill more than the health and happiness of his wife and children. He has never presented his wife or children with a birthday or holiday gift, and squirms at the mention of donating money or gifts to the Mosque/Church. He helps his own friends, who he sees nothing from, with favors instead of helping his own family. And instead of bringing light into his home, he brings home the darkness. This man will tell his wife she must endure her chest or knee pain, instead of taking her to see a doctor -- just to save a buck. Yet, he will run to the doctor whenever he feels a single ache in his body, and will pay whatever the bill to save him from pain. And though this man considers himself to be very religious and in good standing with the Creator, all he really is, is just a victim of blind faith. Will a man like this -- who does not understand any of the words he reads -- see any of the 7 heavens?

No. Just a very cheap coffin.

The world is flooded by many just like him. Many of them go as far as being religious fanatics. But do these people who pray all the time and who recite lines from their holy books, but do not show the understanding of their faith in their every word and action, truly belong in a favored class by God? NO. If a heart is void of truth and light, then there is no truth in them. Only those with truth in them, will recognize truth. And only those with truth in their hearts, will understand any language of LIGHT. If you have no light in you, then your heart is not truly activated. You can pray until eternity, but what is the point, if you do not understand anything? -- Suzy Kassem