War & Religion

I get a lot of these questions about religion in my inbox:

"Do you not think the government set up religion to control mass groups of people and to start war?"

There is a magnificent spirit who is the TRUE grand architect of all of creation, 'The Creator'. And though he has tried on numerous occasions to instill morals in his children, his religion does not approve of war and division. His religion is simply based on the principles of harmony and love. The best holy book is the one already within you -- your heart. And in your heart, he instilled his virtues in what is known as 'your conscience' (knowing right from wrong). If you do not listen to your conscience, then you are blind and deaf to the Creator. Every man wants to believe his religion is the BEST religion, and that all those who do not follow his religion are damned. Is this mentality driven by ignorance, love, or hate? And are ignorance and hate virtues of the Creator?

If a man lives in a tiny village on the tip of Africa, far away from civilization and mosques, churches, and synagogues -- is he really going to be damned for not knowing Jesus or Mohamed? Even if this man is kind, grateful, humble, and very generous to the poor and needy? What if you knew, that he offers the little bit of food he grows in his garden to the needy and crippled before he eats anything himself? Do you really believe he will never meet God because he didn’t know who Jesus was? Or do you believe in the truth, that this man will be judged for his heart -- and for showing love to his fellow man?

And what about the Muslim husband who thinks he is so holy because he prays more than five times a day -- but he beats his wife and children? Or how about the Christian who attends mass every weekend, but thinks all homosexuals and Muslims should be killed? Are the people following their faith blindly or are they being unfaithful to their faith? Do they really believe in God or do they see themselves as GODS? What about the Buddhist who refuses to hurt any man or fly, and teaches love and respect for all living things? Will he be damned for not knowing Jesus or Mohamed?

The government did not make religion, they only altered the truths in all religions to divide, conquer, and instill fear. God prefers the man who loves over the man who hates. The enlightened mind is priceless over the one that is closed and ignorant -- which is worthless. Blind faith does not count as true faith. Your words and actions are what truly demonstrate your faith and love for the Almighty. All religions are founded on LOVE. Seek knowledge and your heart will start to recognize truths in all religions. There are truths in ALL religions, but there are also many misinterpretations, reverse translations, and missing passages found in them all. Choose TRUTH as your ultimate religion and let the vibrations of your heart be felt by all. Speak truthfully, act truthfully, and always seek TRUTH. Only a man or woman of truth will know the truth that all religions are one and the same. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise does not have truth in their hearts to see the truth. Your heart (your conscience) is your ultimate church or temple. Whoever thinks and acts with his conscience stands closest to the Creator. The only religion that teaches and preaches hatred, superiority, and division is Satanism. -- Suzy Kassem