The Truth about Atlantis

I want to share with you guys another secret....

You know how sometimes you may run into someone or know a friend who says they feel somewhere in their soul that they once lived in Atlantis?

Well those people are here again to learn a lesson they failed to learn the first time. They typically have one or more of these ugly qualities: self-serving, egotistical, ungrateful, materialistic, money-driven, love THINGS more than they love themselves, and fail to sincerely help others.

Before the man of dust, there came the man of light. And before the man of light, came the man of water. Humans were NOT the Creator's first creations. There were two civilization that existed before man even came to be -- WATER & LIGHT.

Each civilization crashed due to self-serving corruption and uncontrollable egos. Each man wanted to be viewed as God and to live like a God at the selfish expense of others. The Atlanteans had every body of water in the world to themselves. They had all the wealth in the world to share amongst themselves. And though at first they were truly divine beings, Satan was sent down from the heavens in a bolt of lighting straight into the deepest depths of the ocean. This bolt of lightning was actually a meteorite that sank not too far from Bermuda to the Bahamas. The reason why that place is so magnetic is because an entity that once stood next to the Creator had fallen into the water there. And when Satan discovered the peaceful Atlanteans, he did exactly what he did to the Light beings in the civilization that came after them. He blew in their minds and gave them an EGO. Then he enslaved them by dividing them and stole all their crystalline technology for himself.

The Atlaneans who worked night and day to harmonize the earth with the rest of the planets of the universe, started neglecting their jobs of planting their crystals across the ocean floors to balance their planet. And instead, started building palaces of wealth in the form of pyramids. Each man wanted a greater pyramid than the other. And each man wanted more power than the other. A civilization that was born on LOVE quickly turned into all things negative. And then Satan asked his slaves to build him the biggest pyramid of all, and to condense the powers of every divine crystal into one big red crystal. The weak Atlanteans listened to him and planted the crystal inside the top of the biggest pyramid. Then Satan turned into a dragon revealing his true identity, and stirred the biggest lethal storm to harvest all the fear and evil energy pulled from the hearts of every Atlantean. And with this powerful vortex of negative energy, he trapped it all into his red crystal. Then Satan looked up at the Creator and laughed at him. So God went to war with Satan and turned all the water into ICE. This destroyed a big bulk of the Atlanteans, but it did not destroy Satan. Instead, he headed to the North Pole to show God his physical vessel could handle even the iciest tip of the freezing cold. And to ridicule the Creator even further, he kept warm with the red crystal because the black energy contained within it was super burning hot as red fiery coal. God brought about the first ice age to punish the Atlanteans for forgetting him, pillaging and killing each other, and for idolizing Satan. But when enough Time had passed and no movement was seen or heard from Satan, who had fallen into a deep slumber from boredom, loneliness, and isolation, the Creator brought down the first beings of Light with the first turn of the new sun and immediately gave birth to the Light civilization.

*Remember, there is always at least one truth to be found in every myth. Satan really does live underwater. There is truth to Godzilla, Kraken from Clash of the Titans, and that thing that came out of the water in Cloverfield. Satan is the master reptilian DRAGON. He was handsome as an angel, but then the Creator made him very ugly for deceiving him.

-- Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2007-2012, Suzy Kassem. All Rights reserved.

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