The Technolgical Violation of Your Mind


There really is something in our system platforms that can see everything we write and do -- even if we are not plugged into the internet. I've been suspecting this for years now and have been in denial about it, but I can't deny it anymore.

One of the saddest cases for me was when I was almost done writing a 300+ page book on the first light civilization. All this info was streaming through me in precise detail and I transcribed all it right away. I wrote for days and weeks with little sleep. The story of King Tut was so alive in my head and the puzzles all came together for me. And when I told my dad of my new advancements in information, he couldn't deny how well it all fit either. Then I remember telling my dad I wanted to read him from the story for feedback over breakfast. But then when I went to pull it up, all the characters from my text looked like they flipped to Chinese.

I was so depressed for months I couldn't write anything again. I lost all of it!! Even the little disc I saved it on, got hit by a virus from one of the computer labs I used in Cairo. So after a long period of time went by, I attempted to try again. I got up to eight chapters (on a new computer) AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!! Not only that, my world would change every time I attempted to write out the story.

Since then, I've written close to 11 chapters again, saved multiple back ups, but when I first left Egypt and went through an airport scanner, it wiped out the story from every single disk. I remember even saving it via Yahoo briefcase, but then that service suddenly vanished as well.

Three nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a line streaming in my head. It made sense to me, because a couple days before that -- I had gotten into an online argument with Christian extremists trying to force it on me that Jesus was the only way to God even though I was trying to convey to them how all faiths were alike and Jesus existed in all of them. The line that came to me was, “"Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold”.

So I got out of bed, and immediately began streaming about uniting all faiths again, but this time, quotes from Jesus came to me. Not only that, strange quotes from all religions tied together to reveal I was right! And the reasoning I had in this piece was very strong with conviction, so strong that it couldn’t be denied by anyone with an active conscience. I could even feel my heart vibrating out of my body just from the power of the truths I had woven perfectly together. It was like I had turned into a lawyer to make the case on why all men should unite with all other faiths. AND I DID IT!!! It was the most powerful piece I had ever written!! So before posting it online, I copied it into my clipboard, and then right as I clicked submit on Facebook, the writing all turned into Chinese letters again and Firefox crashed!!!! This is another brand new laptop!!! But I didn’t panic right away, I just opened wordpad and tried pasting it in there, but nothing happened. Then I tried it in Microsoft word, and it wouldn’t paste there either. It was completely GONE. So I looked up online to see how to get into my clipboard history, and found out that the newest system platform for windows doesn’t have a clipboard history!!! Now I understand WHY. It made evil sense. I understand systems crash all the time, I know this. But I cannot write this off as coincidence anymore. My heart knows this wasn't a "coincidence".

My friends keep trying to convince me to switch to manual writing. Yet I can capture streams better through electronic typing, even though me and electronic gadgets don’t mesh well together – period. I have to work on this. Now for the scary part...

We are definitely monitored somehow through our computer systems. Even thoughts and information in our minds can be read by something planted in our system platforms. Remember, energy feeds off energy. By using a computer, you are "willfully" plugging yourself into a system with capabilities we do not fully comprehend. I have had A LOT of eerie situations to prove this. AND something out there can control our systems if your mind strays outside of the given system. PROVEN. This may sound outlandish to the majority, but in the near future, you will see it as TRUTH. Mind-operated technology is already here. The question we should be asking now is: WHO else has the authority to tap into the magnetic field between your technology and mind? And if they can control our technology, then surely they can also control our minds. Again, this is already happening NOW. Once people grasp this simple concept, they will then understand how radio and TV "programming" (frequencies and signals) have controlled and brainwashed us since their invention. This is going to be one of the most serious hot topics that will be arising in the future once people catch on and become more aware of it. This is not The Matrix fiction. This is TRUTH.

Start paying attention. You will notice that when you stress out, your computer also stresses out with you. Control your vibrations and you will be the master of your own harmony.


In another thirty to fifty years, the demand for cheap labor will have produced even more machines over the employment of actual humans. And in that time frame, humans will have lost their voice, their power, all freedoms, and all worth. It is inevitable that machines will one day become the ultimate enemies of mankind. We are not evolving or progressing with our technology, only regressing. Technology is our friend today, but will be our enemy in the future.

In the short run, technology many be more efficient than man, but it will never be perfect. Every piece of equipment will eventually reveal an error code. In the long run, man will never be perfect, but prove to be more reliable than technology.

Language is still separating us even though technology is bringing us closer together.

-- Suzy Kassem
(Jan. 2012)