The Sun Keeps Rising Again and Again

I want you to take ten minutes to contemplate this thought.

What if for ten minutes, WE ALL believed in reincarnation? Muslims and Christians say they do not believe in reincarnation; however, they do believe Jesus will be resurrected once again to walk amongst us. Isn't THAT reincarnation?

And if I were to be reincarnated, would I have the same name as I did in a previous life? And what would the probability be of that coincidence? Honestly, 0%.

When I studied Mohamed, Horus, Moses, Akhenaten, Krishna, and Jesus, I found them all to have been orphans. Some of their mothers were identified, yet nobody knows who any of their fathers truly were. I also discovered that all entities spent time in India according to the original Sanskrit Vedas -- and confirmed later by various religious scholars. Then when I researched the sayings of Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, and Akhenaten, I found the pulse of their wisdom to be one and the same. They all repeated the same exact messages and I recognized their hearts to contain rays of the same exact LIGHT. They were all peacemakers and seekers of TRUTH, justice and universal harmony.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."
(Matthew 5.3-12 ESV)

It also should be noted, that you, me, she, and he, and WE are all CHILDREN of God. So Buddha, Mohamed, Moses, and Akhenaten, and so on --- were also "sons of God". This is a standard line of faith -- regardless of your chosen religion. Any true believer in the Creator automatically becomes a child of God.

So, since we are already sons and daughters of God, could it be that Jesus meant he was the SUN of God -- to rise again and again with different names across the span of many lifetimes?

In the end, it is only for YOU to decide. Yet do remember this point very well. The strongest message from all "suns" of God has always been focused on the attainment of KNOWLEDGE. To seek knowledge for one hour is more valuable than to pray for an entire night. And to go on a quest to LEARN and seek truths is more valuable than to follow your faith blindly and just pray. To constantly cultivate knowledge and wisdom is one of the holiest virtues for any man, woman, and child. Only when you seek knowledge will see the similarities in all faiths and cultures. And only then, will you realize that all of God's children are truly one and the same. If you do your homework as you have been guided, you will find Jesus in all of the world's religions. Just be ready to recognize his unique soul disguised under a totally different name.

Again, Jesus told the people: "Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold." (John 10:16)

Jesus has already risen time and time again, yet people have closed their hearts and minds towards attaining additional knowledge outside of their given books and borders to realize this blatant truth. Instead, they are waiting for an extravagant sound and light show, with fireworks and music, and a huge banner with flashing Hollywood lights to tell them: HERE I AM, CLOWNS!

Unfortunately, it will never be that way. Open your hearts. Only those with an active conscience and a beautiful vibrating heart will recognize TRUTH.

Suzy Kassem