On to the 4th Density for Me


Does anybody see anything strange in the timeline below? This is a sequential list of rulers in Ethiopia. If you know how to translate names from Arabic to English or any other languages, you will see what I'm getting at...

1344 to 1372 ----- Newaya Krestos
1372 to 1382 ----- Newaya Maryam
1382 to 1413 -----Dawit I
1413 to 1414 -----Tewodros I
1414 to 1429 -----Yeshaq I
1429 to 1430 -----Andreyas
1430 to 1433 -----Takla Maryam
1433 to ????? -----Sarwe Iyasus
1433 to 1434 -----Amda Iyasus
1434 to 1468 -----Zara Yaqob

It is important to remember, the Bible says Moses (Akhenaten) married an Ethiopian (a.k.a Abyssinian). Also, if you did your research correctly, you will know that Akhenaten is indeed Moses. If we went based on the list above, where both Mary (Miriam/Maryam) and Jesus have their names listed, and also JACOB, then it is very safe to assume that the Christ scenario also happened in ETHIOPIA. It is very obvious. The truth is in their names. However, I am positive that the exact Jesus/Mary/Moses scenario also happened in Egypt FOR SURE. But I can also trace the story in INDIA too at about the SAME TIME, meaning Christ is living simultaneously in three countries...and there are more. Could it be, that the same setup was programmed by the Creator to happen all over the world at the same time? And the real reason we are encouraged in all religions to continuously seek knowledge is so that we would evidently discover this truth? The Christ scenario continued to be coated differently throughout the ages, so he who stumbles across this truth ascends to the 4th density? Is this the ultimate test as a seeker of TRUTH? Because honestly, before Akhenaten and Jesus, the same story happened before that with the birth of Horus/Osiris , and this same episode is also evident in Greek mythology. So not only do we have the Christ story happening before it was said to have happened, but also taking place in different regions at the same time, and many times after it. So I DO believe that CHRIST is in fact a CONSCIOUSNESS, a soul force that spirals again and again throughout history all over the world. And he keeps "dying for our sins", which actually means ----our failure to use our conscience collectively to stand up for all that is right. And CHRIST represents TRUTH in the Age of Pisces. Until we do activate our hearts and use our conscience in every word and action, these Christos/Krishna characters are all going to keep rising again and again and again which each new SUN of God. -- Suzy Kassem

Again, on to the 4th density for me. Seek TRUTH and you can come too. Do not let language barriers keep you from understanding how we are all ONE.