Never Forget the Dead

If you know someone who died in a car crash, was brutally killed, or was run over on the street, always go back to the location where they died and leave something there to let them know they are still in our memories -- or something they will know is from YOU. When these souls descend back onto this plane to check on things, they always enter at the same place they left. They DO SEE flowers left for them. They do see their pictures and candles lit in their name. Even years after they die, they still come back to the same exact spot FIRST. Always leave something no matter how long ago their death took place. There is nothing that saddens a departed soul more than to know they are already forgotten.

This only works if the soul was taken through some kind of accident and they were forced to go BEFORE their time. However, if it was truly their time to go, they will come straight to you wherever you are. The dead ALWAYS return to check up on their loved ones. The Creator is too compassionate and understands love better than we do --- to ever deny this privilege to the deceased. -- Suzy Kassem