The Most Precious Stone of All


I once said that: "If an angel had to hide from the devil, it would hide in rose quartz. And if, a dark spirit had to hide from God, it would hide in a diamond."

The most precious rock on this earth is NOT a diamond. It is truly rose quartz. The most prized stones from the heavens are not those you see at your local jewelry stores, but the ones covered up and not talked about. Why so? Because they are loaded with POSITIVE powers -- and amplify intense LOVE.

Those who initially measured the value of rocks did not honestly price minerals in the favor of humanity. Instead, they did the reverse. They made the most useless or negative stones seem like the most valuable, and the truly most valuable stones to seem absolutely useless. This is the truth.

For example, a negative diamond that was dug up through extensive hardship, bloodshed, and slavery is made to appear PRICELESS. But in truth, a wedding ring made with a diamond will also reflect the negativity from which the stone came from. The first real businessman who discovered diamonds knew they were truly worthless, but he decided to convince people they were not – just as any snake oil salesman would. So in the 1930s, he sent his son ( Harry Debeers) to America to hire the biggest ad company at the time to help them sell more diamonds. The biggest marketing campaign was developed, which garnered the world-famous slogan: “A Diamond is Forever.” It was simply this marketing campaign that made diamond wedding and engagement rings so popular, and pushed diamonds to become the number one coveted gem by women. Again, it was only the work of marketing that “convinced” women diamonds were priceless. In truth, they are negative and spiritually worthless.

Have you ever seen diamonds used in ancient Egypt – if they were truly priceless and positive? No. Did any of our ancient ancestors use them in their temples or burials – if they were truly sacred? No. Instead they used quartz, lapis with pyrite, jade, turquoise, coral, or black tourmaline – all the true valuable stones we are made to believe are worthless. And all these stones are readily found in nature without any hardship needed to acquire them.
Rose quartz is the most precious and positive stone of all, and I highly recommend everyone to carry a piece on them always. It truly amplifies love (internally and externally). It does not resemble the color of our hearts for no reason. It heals heartache and any kind of emotional suffering, makes you love yourself and others, keeps love around you, and surrounds you with a thick band of the Almighty’s love. This is truly the stone of angels. Keep one in your bra or in your pocket always. If you have relationship issues, place a few under your mattress or each other’s pillows. And instead of getting an expensive gift for someone’s birthday or the holidays, give them a big tumbled piece of rose quartz. What the stone will do for them makes it the most priceless gift of all. Give it to all your loved ones and find creative ways to get them to carry it with them at all times.

If you live in L.A., there is a man who sells rocks on Venice beach. He is white and has his collection of minerals all laid out on a table on the side of the beach. He sells polished stones as the one seen in this photo ($10). It is a very powerful stone and constantly transmits LOVE. Believe me, it also attracts angels.

In late October, I sent a stone out to a woman who had just lost her husband earlier that year. She also refused to leave her house since his sudden death and lived in isolated darkness. I just got an email from her thanking me for sending her one of these stones and she said it helped her heal tremendously. She also said she was amazed by its power and wanted to know where to get another one because the one I sent her had already become pale (depleted energy). There are multiple ways to recharge stones, but I prefer getting new ones with new juice. Stones are like batteries, when they get pale or yellowish, it means it’s time to recharge or replace them.
In closing, do remember that whenever you acquire a new stone to always purify it first. Place the stone in salt for seven consecutive days. Then make sure you take that used salt and flush it down the toilet because it contains all the negative energy sucked out of the new stone.

Suzy Kassem