Man Vs. Machine

You know, when someone asked me when I was a child who I feared most from my parents, I remember replying, "Technology". That says a lot. I'd give up cell phones and the internet to go back to how we were. I'd rather we forfeit technology to keep more jobs, and more people alive from technology-related health complications. When man starts depending and relying more on machines and less on each other, that will be the end of humanity forever. In today's high schools, fewer kids are trying out for football and basketball teams than ten years ago. You would assume it's because they've decided they no longer want to compete against each other, but in truth, they just don't want to assert much effort. Why not? Because video games have given them the impression that they can easily acquire superpowers from the comfort of their couches and beds with no effort at all. Why would a kid want to work hard to get a ball or throw one -- when he could just push a button?
-- Suzy Kassem