A Love So Supreme

There is a higher kind of love that many of you only read about in your religious books. It is unearthly and many of you who have suffered the loss of a loved one, may have experienced this transference of SUPREME LOVE sometime within 7 days of the passing of your loved one. If you have not, then you were not in a position or place to receive it. This does not mean that your loved one has not thought of you or has not reached "nirvana", it simply could mean they did not want to frighten you. That in itself is also a great form of LOVE.

To receive this love, you must be between a conscious and unconscious state, so the ethereal may connect to you from their realm -- without violating cosmic law by visiting you in our "awakened reality". And if a soul decides to visit you in your awakened reality, most likely the soul you encountered is not really who you wish it to be, but an impostor. Only tormented and outcasted souls remain permanently on this realm after death. And if the weight of your heart has shown that you still have a drop of goodness in you, you will be permitted to live again on this earth as a reborn human. Again, this world is the true hell that is written about in your religious books.

The dead are always tempted to visit you. But do understand, that once you reach one of the 7 layers of heaven, this world is seen for the true hell it really is. The concept of time is very different over there too. What is thirty years to us, is only 3 minutes or 3 hours to them. If your heart passes the test of the Creator, you WILL see your loved ones again -- even your pets. "Heaven" or "Nirvana" is a crystalline world amplified by supreme love. In its garden, you will find your loved ones. And those that come to visit you from the garden of tranquil eternity, always emit the fragrance of this beautiful garden. So, if you should smell a scent around you when you are alone -- like that of the sweetest perfume -- and it vanishes as quickly as it arrived, know that you had just been visited. At the gates of each of the 7 heavens, you will find children who died before they had a chance to live. If they died before it was written for them, they return to be reborn on earth. However, sometimes even the death of a child is intentional to teach their parents a lesson in loss and love. If the birth of a child was intentional by the Creator, that child is put at the gates to greet those that cross through the tunnel of light.

The dead are around us all the time, but our eyes and ears are programmed by the Creator not to see transdimensional entities, simply not to frighten us. Cats and other animals operate transdimensionally. Again, this is why your cat may look up at something or fear something you cannot see. Animals are tapped into the core vibrations that pulsate from the heart of the universe. We, as humans, also have this capability, but since the first flood, the Creator took away this ability to protect us from being accessible by unwanted entities. By being AWAKE as spiritualists call it, we also open ourselves up to more psychic attacks, and become more vulnerable to dark spirits. Ignorance is bliss, but also, it is also a weakness. By being awake, you are also open to the universe to transmit more knowledge to your heart on how to pass the ultimate test of the heart. Only with increased sensitives do you really become a true believer that there is more to the universe than what the majority sees and knows. So even though being AWAKE opens you up to interdimensional negativity, it also forces you to be a witness to the greater opposing forces at work. These experiences will direct you closer to the Creator and help you see how we are ALL really ONE. Even though I deal with a lot of demons just by having heightened frequencies that keep me being tapped into the cosmos, I am also accessible by my ancestors and the spirits of those very dear with me. It truly takes a very strong person to handle all these kinds of energies. I do not wish it upon those I love, but they really need to open up to it to shun all the things that are truly irrelevant. This is the irony of the unconscious heart and conscious one. You do not suffer for being unconscious, but you do suffer deeply for being AWARE and AWAKE. As a service to mankind, the Creator purposefully designed us so we cannot see these things. But if your heart is open and willing to accept these alter realities with your own freewill and permission, an open heart will not be denied. This request is typically made by Truth seekers at one point on their quest for truth. It is your heart that makes the request. Those that do not seek truth, will never see or feel anything. Yet again, it is the duty of every man to seek truth, but it will never be forced upon you. You must seek it only when your heart is ready. But ultimately, you must seek it. Only then, will the Creator make interdimensional realities accessible to you.

So how does this 'love so supreme' really feel like? There are no words to describe this supreme love, for our current perception of LOVE does not compare to it. You will feel yourself melting in its warm embrace, and tears will stream from both your eyes like two eternal waterfalls - just from its beauty. The electromagnetism from a human does not compare to the magnetism which surrounds a being who has truly transcended to a higher realm made of LOVE. After you are embraced by this supreme love, you will find it hard to feel any kind of love in any embrace of this realm. This explains how I went without relationships for over two decades. This explains why I always push for us all to seek unconditional love. Unconditional love is the closest kind of love that can compare to the love of the Heavens, but it still is heavens away from being anything near to divinity. This also explains how I know there is a greater realm of absolute beauty that exists somewhere out there, and this is why I always strive to stand by Truth and my heart so I will one day get there. Your heart is your only ticket. -- Suzy Kassem