The Light Civilization


Knowledge is the most prized commodity in the entire universe, and it is infinite in its commodity. To believe you already know all there is to know is pure ignorance. There are universes of additional knowledge that exist outside of our altered religious books, and many truths regarding our history have either been concealed -- or are still hidden waiting to be discovered under the sands across the world. We know that there have been numerous floods and earthquakes. With each additional earthquake, we lose a part of history, and if we should dig deep enough, we also regain a part of history. There is a reason why our religious books and holy prophets keep telling us to seek knowledge. If religious books contained all the knowledge in the world, then they would not tell us to seek MORE KNOWLEDGE. There is a reason for this. The Creator created the minds of men, so HE knows what the human mind is capable of – egotism, arrogance, corruption, and deception. HE knows that his words and messages will be twisted by evil men to divide and conquer over his children. This is one of the main reasons why all our holy books tell us to seek knowledge and to make seeking TRUTH our ultimate purpose in this lifetime. Real truths will never be visible – if a deceitful mind does not want humanity to see them. It is your purpose to seek them out. Until then, you will only believe what the deceivers want you to believe. And we know now, that the deceivers control our world and history.

To believe we are the only existing intelligent lifeforms in the entire universe is also pure ignorance. There are still lifeforms that exist in our oceans that scientists are still just discovering. With billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, the probability of finding lifeforms more intelligent than us is greater than our government and modern scientists want us to believe. The same way there is a great variation of plants, vegetables, animals, humans, and fish, is the same way there are variations of other intelligent species in our universe that exist. To limit our scope of knowledge only to what exists before our eyes, wall or paper is very belittling to the great minds we were born with. From my own personal experiences, I DO believe in celestial, ethereal, and transdimensional entities. I have SEEN them. To read scriptures that do not mention these other lifeforms -- automatically discredits what I'm reading as TRUTH.

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