Why Words are Precious


One word absent from a sentence (or misinterpreted incorrectly) can change the entire meaning of a sentence. ONE WORD can change the meaning of everything.

This goes for EVERYTHING. For example:

If you send me a message and you mean to write, "Listen, I need help my computer is down."

And If I interpret any of those words wrong, or somehow your message arrives to me with one word missing, or you quickly mistype a word, then the meaning of your cry for help could mean to me....

1) "Listen, I need help my computer is drowning."
2) "Listen, I need help my dog is drowning."
3) "Listen, I need to be saved my computer is dying.
4) "Listen, I need help my compound is down."

Do you understand the message? I keep pounding this one out FOR A REASON.

Now, what if I was blind and needed an interpreter to read me my messages for me? How much trust do I put in this interpreter to translate the meaning of each message accurately -- and without a negative motive or self-serving interest? THINK! And ALWAYS know your interpreters. We have put too much faith and trust in total strangers to interpret each of our religions and the history of mankind. -- Suzy Kassem (12/24/2011)